Location, Location, Location

Between the Financial District and Chinatown lies a unique area of Boston which holds an interesting history.

Standing on top of what once was the South Cove, Boston’s land-making expansions in the 1830’s created a plot that would become the Leather District and Chinatown. It was due to the Great Boston Fire of 1872, and subsequent relocations of the Business District’s proprietors, that the area started to become what it is today. Buildings built between 1880 and 1920 were tailored to the booming Leather Industry of the time with manufacturing, merchandising, offices and storage space in the original design. Relics of the leather manufacturing era are proudly displayed through the orignal cast iron columns and architecture.


(Bits of Boston’s Chinatown)

Aside from the area’s history, the roughly 11 acre Leather District is quickly becoming a distinctive neighborhood to add to Boston’s repertoire. The influence from the densely populated Chinatown and the bustling Financial District are creating a warm, all-encompassing area for residents and commercial ventures alike. With amazing restaurants such as O Ya, Townsman, and a few of Barbara Lynch’s ventures within a stones throw of the cafe, grocery markets, apparel outlets, executive offices, and public transportation are rounding out the neighborhood to give it a unique and hyper-local culture.


(photo by Jesse Baerkahn at Gracenote Boston)

Choosing to open Gracenote Coffee Roasters first cafe in the Leather District  is a decision that we couldn’t be more happy with. The dynamic of the Leather District feeds our spirit in a way that is familiar through history, progressive through innovation, and vibrant through its diversity. By digging in to the Leather District we can stay close to a great outpost of Gracenote Coffee in The Coffee Trike’s Dewey Square location and can continue to honor the relationships formed there as well. It’s almost as if we’ve always been here.


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