Welcome to Gracenote Boston!

Hello! Welcome to Gracenote Boston!

We are a small team of coffee professionals, dedicated to enhancing experiences through the craft of specialty coffee, service and hospitality. The team at Graffito SP have graciously opened the street-side front of their office space to the build-out of Gracenote Coffee Roaster’s first retail location! We are absolutely thrilled to become a permanent fixture in downtown Boston’s Leather District.

The neighborhood is gritty and full of an electric vibrance with multi-use spaces lining the streets. The shop will be steps away from South Station and Dewey Square which hosts many food trucks, farmer’s tables, the one-and-only Coffee Trike, and is a thoroughfare for weekday commuters. Really, it’s a perfect venue to find a bench, drink a coffee, and enjoy Boston to the core.

We love to share coffees, and to highlight what we’ve done and can do to a particular seed. Our proficiencies are deeply entrenched in the roasting and brewing side of coffee preparation and believe that coffee’s unique characteristics are worth highlighting in a straight forward way. There has been a lot of calibration within the team in the form of cuppings, gradings, espresso dialing, roastery hang-abouts, etc. happening daily leading up to the opening of the cafe. We feel very confident and excited in sharing our experiences through service style and product quality, as well as the opportunity to guide coffee enthusiasts down a deeper path of understanding.


(Modbar steam boiler housing)

Some of the equipment used for service include, but is not limited to, a 2 group Modbar set up with 2 steam taps, Marco Jet auto-brewer, Mahlkonig K30 Peak for the Alpha espresso blend, as well as an EKK43 for single origin & decaf espressos, and filter profiles. Specially filtered, nitrogen-charged cold brew coffee will be on tap with a rotating offering from 5 gallon kegs. Single-cup manual filter brews will be offered, but only on very special occasions.

We’ll be using milk from Mapleline Farm’s Jersey cows which provide a rich and clean flavor. We prefer these guys because of their commitment to responsible and conscious farming in Massachusetts.

Some of the coffees we’ll be running upon open are the Alpha Espresso blend which is comprised of 75% pulped-natural FAF Brasil, and 25% natural Ethiopia Amaro Gayo. For single origin offerings, a washed Caturra from Colombia’s Bella Vista farm, Ethiopia’s natural-processed heirloom varieties from Misty Valley’s 2015 crop, a washed Typica from Ecuador’s La Papaya farm, a double-washed and sun-dried SL-28 & SL34 Kenya Karani, a Grade 1 Natural Gesha, from Gesha itself, and a very special Red Catuai from Brasil’s Esperito Santo Farm.


(Bench Maji, Kefa, Gesha Natural)

We will be offering a house black tea – an Assam Satrupa – as the consistent offering, as well as two rotating teas. The tea service will be starting with a Nan Mei Wild Tree white tea, and a lightly oxidized Da Yu Lin oolong brewed with Gaiwan style brewers. All are just exquisite.

So please stop by. We would be honored to have you in, if even for a quick espresso. If you have time, allow us to guide you through all of the unique characteristics and intricacies of the café.

For more information about the founders of this business, click here!


-The Gracenote Boston Team

108 Lincoln St.

Boston, MA  02111


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